Opportunities: The Internet Is Becoming A Real-Time Medium

Applications driven by machines and sensors demand that data is collected, presented, and acted upon in real time. The Web is no longer a collection of static pages of HTML that describe something in the world — it is becoming a real-time communication and information forum for interactions. The Internet is getting faster than you might think and real time is not limited to social media or mobile. Much as Google has realized that a link is a vote, retailers like WalMart realized that a customer purchasing an item is a vote and the cash register is a sensor counting that vote.   Real-time feedback loops drive inventory and availability. Sensor-driven purchasing and real-time analytics is having a huge impact on the business world and customer responsiveness.


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The Internet of Things and People will depend on managing, understanding, and responding to massive amounts of user and machine-generated data in real time. With more users and sensors feeding more applications and platforms, innovators and developers are able to tackle serious real-world problems. As a result, the Smart Systems opportunity is no longer growing arithmetically; it’s growing exponentially.


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